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Dot Calm Computer Services

As our world gets faster, we expect more from our computers. When they get slow due to viruses and spyware, they become SO FRUSTRATING!!!

That's where Dot Calm comes in.

Rob Sylvester, Dot Calm Have you ever spent hours sitting in front of the computer screen, trying to figure out why it worked yesterday, but not today - wondering, "What did I do?!"

It's usually when you're trying to get that project or email out that needed to be done yesterday. As your blood pressure rises, you feel like throwing your computer out the window!

We're Dot Calm...here to take the stress away by solving those tough computer issues that plague us all daily. With a wealth of computer repair experience, we've dealt with just about everything that can go wrong - successfully!

Dot Calm offers computer repair services, including hardware replacement, operating system & software installation/updating, virus & spyware removal and more. We offer home & business networking services as well. Looking for a new online presence and/or image, Dot Calm can help! We can design & build your website, or simply spruce up what you already have on the web. Lost some valuable data? We offer data recovery services from basic all the way to very comprehensive. Just give us a call!